Trouble routing MIDI to external hardware synth (Korg Minilogue)


I have been experiencing difficulty using Korg Miniologue in Cubase. To summarize the problem first: The monologue won’t receive MIDI and return the audio signal in Cubase. It seems like the problem is that is not possible to install the Minilogue as a MIDI-device in the MIDI device manager so that I cannot assign the output destination for the MIDI channel to the Minilogue. Below I will list all the things that have been done. I have been trouble-shooting for many days. Please help.

  1. I’ve installed the KORG MIDI-driver for the Minilogue.
  2. I have updated the KORG to the last software version.
  3. I have followed the manual of the KORG to enable MIDI routing through USB, and enabled MIDI messaging in both directions (Tx and Rx) in the Global settings menu.
  4. In the MIDI device manager I have tried to install a GM device (generic/general MIDI device) as the Minilogue did not have a pre-existing preset in Cubase. (Does anyone know where to find a preset that works that can be imported as a setup? Maybe this is the solution to the misery.
  5. When I attempt to set up the proper channels to send MIDI to the Minilogue I create a MIDI track where the input is set to ALL MIDI INPUTS, and the output can only be assigned to “Windows Wave Synth Table”, the Minilogue (because I registered it as GM device) is visible with the message: MISSING: MIDIOUT1
  6. I can record sound from the Minilogue in Cubase. At this point I can’t seem to get the minilogue to work as a MIDI controller for MIDI input when I record.

Could a workaround be to connect my Midicontroller by USB to the Minilogue and use it as a slave?

Windows 10
Audio interface: Audient id14
Version: Cubase Elements 9.5

Thank you for all help!

I have a similar problem.
I can record midi data from the Korg Minilogue into Cubase and I can hear the sounds during recording.
However, when I come to play back the midi data through the Korg I hear nothing and there is no visible activity on the Korg.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,