Trouble trying to buy Dorico

I tried to order Dorico using crossgrade from Sibelius. I filled in the order form at Steinberg and was asked for corssgrade proof. (I had go to the final stage of odering except for actual payment.) I sent my proof and was emailed everal times in response, each supplying a different password(!) but the final one said my proof was accepted.
What do I do next? The order form was all filled in with every detail except payment. Do I have to start again, and risk being billed for two copies? Do I just wait till Steinberg do something?

You should have received an email telling you that your proof of eligibility has been accepted. That email contains a link that says “Continue shopping”, near the top of the link. You should be able to click that link and then log back into the store to complete your purchase.

There is no risk of you being charged twice if you are buying from the Steinberg online shop, unless you actually complete the purchase twice!

Dear Terry,

I will take a look at your order status and send you an email.

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