Trouble trying to buy upgrade to 12 pro

I am having trouble trying to buy upgrade from Cubase 11 pro to 12 pro.
After I add it to cart and proceed to Checkout then I Login for the address and it tells me Login Failed.
I’m using my email and password used to log into Steinberg and I also changed my PW and still tells me log in failed.

Anyone have this same issue or am i doing something wrong?

You might have the Steinberg online shop under a different email. You could always try creating a new account or perhaps recall a different email you may have used. It is best to have the same email so if you do end up getting into the online job I would change it to what you use for the Steinberg website.

I’ll check but it should be the same email

Your Steinberg Shop account is different to the account you use for everything else (Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager, VST Connect, My Steinberg and these forums). It is possible you have a different password set for the Shop or even that you used a different email address.

I’d start by trying to reset your Steinberg Shop password.