Trouble using 2 of the same pad controller

I got a presonus Atom working through generic remote with a few minor problems. I’m using it as a remote transport mostly. I liked it so much that I bought another one to put at another station in my studio.

Here’s the issue…

It seems that cubase cannot distinguish between the two devices. They both communicate midi over usb. I can see both of them in windows devices and also in the midi port page of Studio set up. However the new one is marked as inactive, even after assigning a generic remote to it. If I specify that the new one is part of all inputs, both get set to all inputs. Assigning a second generic remote does not help.

The end result is that the second one does not work.

I have proven that the new Atom is not defective by unplugging the old one. All is well as long as only one (either one) is plugged. At this point I really can’t tell if this is a cubase, windows, or presonus problem. Also note that both Atom’s appear in cubase with the same name. I expected the second Atom to have a subscript, something like this: Atom(2)

Any thoughts on how I might fix this issue?