Trouble with adding a title page

I have added a text box to my title page that does not appear when I close my Score title page template. Help!
Stan Martin
Windows 10 pro
Dorico 5.0.20

Right click on the miniature for page 1 and select Remove Page Override(s)

Thank you Michele.
But when I do that, the whole Title page dissapears.

Since this is a custom template, now right-click again and select Page Template Change.
Select “Score Title Page” and make sure it is only set for this page.

PS: reason why the page “disappeared” is that Dorico applied again the main page template for page 1, which is “First”.

Thank you Michele, That worked!!!

I had to remove the overrides first (the title page disappears) and then Insert Page Template Change. Thanks again!

My pleasure to help!
There is often a bit of faith involved into the order of operations with these overrides, but it generally works.
A global piece of advice: save work with page templates for when you’ve completed everything else! (or as much as possible). This will save you quite a bit of headaches and frustration.

There’s a bit of subtlety in that “inserting a page” and selecting a page template for that page isn’t the same as assigning a page template change to that page.

An inserted page that uses a selected page template is still treated as a page template override, with a red triangle marking in the right panel, and those don’t update if you edit the underlying page template.

It can take some getting used to, but you don’t need to insert a title page: just assign your title page template directly to page 1. If it doesn’t have a music frame on it, the music will automatically shift to the next page.

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Apparently it’s a design choice, but TBH I don’t understand it. If I insert a page based on a template, I’d expect it to be linked to that template, and not have the red override triangle. Why is it an override, when I don’t change anything on the page?

One could ask in return, why insert a page when assigning a title page template will do the same thing, move the start of the music to the following page?

Then why doesn’t it have the same result? Adding a page of a certain type, especially in front matter, is a very logical thing to do after composing/typesetting the music itself. I’ve trained myself to always create a Title page template where needed, because it’s the best way to give your layouts a similar look with the least effort. The dialog explicitly gives me the option so select a template. But you always end up with an overridden page, which we know is better to avoid, so this method is pretty useless. You are required to use a template change instead.
(And in many cases you will have to add another template change to page 2 if for example the original first page was a ‘First’. It would be nice if Dorico were able to apply the ‘First’ template automatically not to page 1, but to the page where the music [in the MAin frame chain] starts.)

I think the mental block to overcome is that, when faced with the “I need a title page” problem, most people seem to insert a page, rather than change the template of the first page.

I’d be happy for a confirmation warning to appear “Do you really want to insert a page, or would a template change be better?”

To be honest, I find the text functions in general in Dorico much too complicated . Adding text pages too. Learning the text functions takes much more time and tutorials than all notation functions together.