Trouble with Effects/Mixer

Heu guys,

I’m learning how to use Cubase LE 5. I’m searching tutorials on Youtube. I noticed that everyone can insert effects with the mixer open like this picture

and mine is not like that. You can see it here
I also noticed that everyone can have more effects than me
and I don’t have all of them.

Can you please help me to fix my problems? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

That feature (extended mixer view) is not available in LE versions of Cubase.
It’s only available in the two highest versions.

LE versions have less included effects than the higher versions of Cubase.
The higher in version you go, the more included effects there are.

If you double check, youll find that “everyone” is using “Cubase”, while youre using “Cubase LE” which came for free with some hardware, and therefore does not have all the features of the big version which people pay for…

Well ok :confused: thank you anyway :unamused: