Trouble with Graceperiod Crossgrade


but, that download file never appears in my My Products. So I download Dorico Pro 5, but it doesn’t install the full version, it installs SE or something.

Nothing in my vouchers, no graceperiod finding in Activation Manager…

How do I do this?

The software is the same for SE, Elements and Pro: the current active licence decides how the app behaves.

Check the Steinberg Licence Manager, or your account on the MySteinberg website, to see which licences are available, and enabled.

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only says 4 is available

BUT when I enter the DAC into MySteinberg or Download Manager, it says Im eligible for 5… but none of the pathways to get there work…

I think I need a new DAC or something

or someone at Steiny needs to manually transfer my old licenses into new…?

I’ve had a look at the Steinberg ID account associated with your forum account, and I can’t see any reason why you would be eligible for a Dorico Pro 5 grace period update. It looks like you first activated Dorico Pro 4 on 28 November 2022, and the grace period for Dorico 5 didn’t begin until 1 April 2023, so I don’t know how you would have qualified for the grace period, unless you have another Steinberg ID account with another set of licenses?