Trouble with Halion Sonic 2 disk 2

I had to wipe my computer to install windows ten and I had lost my old cubase and halion sonic 2 disks but Steinberg sent me the ISO files burn onto disks to re-install them . So there shouldn’t have been any conflicting Steinberg programs on there to cause the problem. Except that I did this: I installed Cubase Artist 7.5 just fine. Installed Sonic SE just fine.

The problem I ran into was when I was installing Halion Sonic 2. Everything was fine until it told me to switch out disk one for disk two to continue with the additional content. I keep getting error code 1603. And when I run disk 2 by itself and run the installer on that it keeps telling me to check and make sure a particular sound is in the files (it is - they all are) but no matter how many time I hit “retry” I get these two error codes - the one when I hit retry and the one when I give up, basically.

I’m not sure what to do. I turned Avast off but that didn’t help. I know I don’t recall having this problem when I installed Halion Sonic 2 on my computer before I upgraded from windows 7 pro to 10

I uninstalled Halion Sonic 2 and tried to re-install it but the content just won’t install. This is what I got (see attached) along with the error code 1603