Trouble with Mouse Scrolling

A problem has arisen in just the past couple of days. I open a project; I’m in the Project Window. (Normally, I would click on the Project Zone, press Shift on my keyboard, and scroll through the length of the track list with my mouse wheel to find my place.) When I attempt to scroll through the tracks (either horizontally or vertically), nothing moves. I’ve tried clicking here and there to “wake it up,” with no success. I had to use the scroll slide at the bottom of the window to navigate, but only horizontally.

After a few hours of clicking around, trying to find the cause of the problem, I discovered that I could click on the Track Controls Settings icon, open the dialog window, then immediately close it- and that would then allow me to use my mouse to scroll as normal. But I have to do this with every project I open, and it’s getting to be really annoying. Anyone have similar issues? Is there a way to fix it that doesn’t involve Steinberg’s wonderful engineering department? Thanks.