Trouble with multinote tremolos

I’m trying to create some multi-note tremolos.

In the snip below you can see I’ve successfully achieved this in one bar where I’m creating e.g. two dotted semiquavers or two crotchets, then clicking the multi-note tremolo button.

But in the following bar, I’m trying to create a whole bar multi-note tremolo between the two highlighted notes. But pressing the button does absolutely nothing. Am I missing something?



It only works when the note values are displayed the same way. Use Force Duration to make the second note be a dotted quarter and then it will work.

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Great thanks. A bit of a newbie to Dorico, though not always creating easy notation so still learning these quirks!


I remember to have run into this problem, too. I found the solution, but I think Dorico shouldn’t be so strict here, it’s actually just a question of how to input things and this makes it more complicated without a benefit as far as I can see… Dorico should just check if the length of both notes is the same and if it is and the value can be displayed in one symbol, go on to add the tremolo with both of them.
Just my 2 cents…


I thought this “When calculating the durations of notes played for unmeasured tremolos, ensure that the played duration is the same regardless of the beat unit currently in force.” issue resolved was about not having to use force duration to input them but I tried and it’s still not that. What is it about ? A Play correction?

Yes, it concerns playback of tremolos.

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