Trouble with new files app integration.

Hi there…after this latest update having trouble with folders.

Created a subfolder thats not showing in cubasis properly. The subfolders don’t show and then abruptly change into an effects folder of some sort. Please see attached video that shows where i placed them and how its behaving once i try to navigate to them in Cubasis.

Great update otherwise btw!

Anyone else having this issue?

UPDATE: I removed these sub folders and placed all my sample folders back into just the “Audio” portion and deleted the “Pro Samples” folders and now the whole “Audio” folder is behaving this way. In that when i try to navigate through it it snaps into an effects folder or something.

UPDATE 2: In hopes of “restoring” the file structures (or something lol) I offloaded the app and reinstalled and getting the same behaviour. This may have done nothing in the grand scheme of things but just in case it mattered, wanted to update.