Trouble with pitched and unpitched perc same player

I’ve done this before so I’m not sure why it’s not working this time. I have 1 percussionist playing vibraphone, sus. cym. tam and 3 toms. In pic 1 in setup mode they look ok. In galley view I add some notes to the perc. part but in page view they still appear on a separate stave. Any suggestions?

Can’t speak 100% from just the pictures you have, but is there something that you purposely placed (or accidentally purposely place) in the percussion staff? Such as a rest, or something else?

My experience in the past has been that Dorico will show both instruments if something is in both instruments (i.e., something deliberate in the vibe part AND the percussion part). Just a hunch without seeing a file.


Thanks Robby, I’ll play around with that and see what happens

I experimented with making a score with just vibraphone and several non-pitched percussion instruments. The problem arises because I am using a 4 octave vib. so added a staff below as there are sustained notes in the lower register that tie over with moving notes in the treble clef. That extra stave is apparently what is causing the problem. Is there a fix or workaround?

Could you just do a down stem voice, and not use the “added” staff for the low sustained notes?


Robby: I could do that even thought that would, to me, not really clearly show the intention, but I may have to.
There should be a choice to make vib into a grand staff instrument without having to add a stave.

OK, I understand more now what you are dealing with. Initially I was unable to decipher that you added an extra staff.

If you use a second voice, rather than a second staff, I think it wouldn’t be too confusing.

And I do agree, it might be a nice feature to be able to turn a vibraphone into a grand staff for some circumstances.


Thanks again for the reply. The score was originally hand copied. In the attached pic is an instance where I use a second voice so adding a 3rd voice with ties would be too messy. Also there is a spot where the vib is sustaining a chord with the pedal while striking the tam-tam, which wouldn’t work if I can only use one stave. Another problem is that when I add all the perc. : tam sus. cym 3 toms, they all show in the score, and if I try to hide them it hides the vib as well, which isn’t very useful.

Wow! That last explanation explains it all. Hopefully someone will be able to help or make notes for future versions of Dorico.


Tried some work arounds. One was adding another vib as a separate instrument. Can’t do cross staff beamings but would work for the score but not for parts. Also find that I can’t cut and past from a regular staff to an added staff.