trouble with playback and monitoring

I can’t get playback to work properly in Cubase Essential 5. I believe that I have the busses set up properly.

For audio tracks, I can see audio activity in the transport bar, but not in the track.or channel fader.

Playback is possible if I record a midi track using my keyboard, but only when the keyboard is on. To me this means that the MIDI info is being recorded in Cubase, sent back to the keyboard, and then routed to the soundcard from the keyboard rather than from Cubase.

I also can’t hear any sound while recording a midi track using the Prologue synth and my hardware synth as a midi controller. I can play back the sounds after they are recorded though.

I’m using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro for my sound card.

Any ideas?

Switch off direct monitoring, make sure you understand how the monitor buttons work, and make sure your mixer busses are set up correctly. Also you are using the correct ASIO driver for your sound card?

Still having trouble. Maybe best to deal with one issue at a time.

I’m trying to go through the tutorial for midi recording. I’m using an M Audio Fast Track Pro as my midi interface, and a Micro Korg as my midi keyboard. I have the input set as all midi inputs, and the output set as Halion One.

Following the instructions, I enable recording and monitoring on the track. But then I can’t hear anything when I play some notes on the keyboard. I see activity in the transport bar (left channel only) but not in the track. I tried recording anyway, and some information is recorded. But again, when I play it back, no sound, although I now have activity in both channels on both the track and the transport bar.

I believe I have all my hardware set up and connected properly, and as far as I can see I have thing routed properly for input and playback. Any ideas?

MIDI Does not have left and right channels, So you might want to find out, what tracks and signal you are talking about… If you´re recording the audio out of your keyboard, then that´s not MIDI Recording.
Two things you should check: you have MIDI thru enabled in preferences / you have no filters enabled.

And again, MIDI does not have a left and a right channel

If that is the case, it usually works…

Try disabling the control room in devices.