Trouble with selecting some items in dialogues with keyboard

I have trouble selecting some items in dialogues with keyboard… For example, in transposing dialog, i can’t select “Number of divisions” only with keyboard. Am I missing something, or is it a limitation?
It is important for me to be able to program some keyboard macros with software like Autohotkeys. I can try to use mouse macros, but they are more complicated and no so robust.
Thank you in advanced!

I can’t Tab to it on mac, and presumably you’re on Windows if you’re talking about AutoHotKey, so it certainly looks like a (current) limitation.
I’ve had success by:

  1. Taking a screenshot of the relevant button
  2. Storing that screenshot
  3. Telling AHK (or generally PMC) to look for that button and click wherever it finds it

You’re referring to the ‘Number of divisions’ button rather than the ‘Number of divisions’ menu, I guess? The problem here is that those special toggle buttons live inside another frame and that frame prevents them from receiving the keyboard focus. We’ll have to think about whether or not we can approach these buttons in a different way. One thing we should do is add mnemonics to these controls for Windows users, which is on my list.

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Thank you Daniel! Any solution would be welcome.