Troubles editing master page text tokens

I am having difficulty selecting master page (page template) text tokens so I can adjust their size or justification or occasionally replace one token with another. Smaller text frames (for example, the tiny frame containing the page number) are particularly (but not solely) problematic. Typically, I will click in one frame but the text gets selected instead in a different frame. As a workaround I sometimes enlarge a small frame to a ridiculously large size and find this helps but the process then requires me to again minimize the frame once any changes are input. I suspect part of the difficulty is related to the overlapping nature of several automatic Dorico-generated text frames when I start a new project. There is probably a particular “trick” that will allow me to more easily access text tokens but in spite of looking, I haven’t found it.

I find navigating through the text frames with arrows and then pressing Enter does the trick for me, rather than trying to select one with the mouse etc.

Thanks, Daniel. I feel rather foolish right now but that is exactly what I need to do and I very much appreciate the advice!


I use slight indents wherever I can to make sure frames do not overlap in my customized Page Template set.

Good idea - thanks!