Troubles with installation Dorico

Hi, I’ve temp installed Dorico on my iMac (re-installing my Mac Book Pro). I’ve downloaded the 1.1 update version from the website. After installing Dorico can’t load all the sounds I normally load (trumpet etc). When I add a new player the slots are blank or load ‘first contact’. Sometimes it will load an instrument normally.
Looking to my other installation I see a difference: the library of the new installation is ‘Standard set’. The library of the earlier installation is ’ Halion Symphonic Orchestra’.
I have download the HSO from the download section, but Dorico won’t recognise the library. Where can I add this? Or is there another problem?

When I searching for the instrument manually it will load the HSO normally.

There are three different downloads in the Steinberg Download Assistant related to Dorico 1.1: have you downloaded and installed all of them?

No! I have download Dorico update manually. I’m now installing the download assistent.

Hi Daniel,

I’ve installed everything again with the Steinberg Download Assistant (boot again). The same problem: adding an new trumpet part won’t load the Halion trumpet.

Hi Cees

Does it load anything? First Contact?

If you use the Play > Apply default playback template then does it load the correct trumpet sample?

Adding trumpet player: It load the ‘instrument name’ First Contact in slot 1 of Halion.
Adding trombone player: it load a blank slot 2 of Halion
Adding saxophone player : it load Noisy Alto Sax in slot 3 of Halion

Play --> Apply default playback template won’t effect of the slots

Hi Cees

Do you get any messages about licensing pop up when Dorico starts?
It looks like you have a problem with some of the sampled sounds, but not all. I’m therefore wondering if this is license related, or an issue with the installation.

Do you want to email me about it and I can investigate further?