Troubleshooting Bar-number Rehearsal Mark Error

I’m experiencing a strange behavior with bar-number rehearsal marks that I haven’t been able to troubleshoot.


I’ve added rehearsal marks to the score of a jazz chart. I’m using both bar numbers and letters to help players navigate the form of the tune. In the score and one part everything shows up fine:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.41.36 PM

In the other parts, however, only the letter-name marks are working; the bar numbers don’t appear — just blank boxes:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.42.04 PM

Originally I though my use of independent time signatures (5/4 and [2+1+2]/4 — used to achieve specific rhythmic notation) caused the problem, as that seems to have been when bar numbers “evaporated” in the problematic parts. But using universal meters doesn’t clear up the problem.

Anyone else ever experienced this?

Hi @judddanby can you share a Dorico file that shows this behaviour?

Hi @judddanby , thank you for sending me (privately) the Dorico file: the problem with the bar-number rehearsal marks in some layouts was caused by the presence of local time signatures in some staves that where probably redundant (If you delete them the bar will show the global time signature):

5/4 in bar 17 in tenor sax and bass (click and delete them)
5/4 in bar 36 in tenor sax and trumpet (click and delete them)

After deleting the four mentioned local time signatures, you will see the bar number displaying correctly in the rehearsal marks (and in the System Track! :slight_smile: ) for the affected layouts.

Here a visualisation of what to do:

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The issue is that I need [2+1+2]/4 in the bass to force the beaming of the syncopation in beats 2–3 not to be awkward, but changing that universally makes the tenor sax and — especially — the trumpet have unduly “note-y” representation.

Do I need to use [2+1+2]/4 then force durations in the horn parts?

You don’t need to change the time signature for that (because it was also causing the issue with bar numbers in the system track) and also no need for force duration.
For example in bar 17 you can have the tenor sax and bass with the global time signature that is [3+2] (deleting the local one as explained) and for the bass you just need to split the beam:
select the tied notes, click U to untie, select the second note, split the beam, re-tie the notes:
CleanShot 2024-04-10 at 01.36.10

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You don’t need to use the meter change to force the beaming (though it can be convenient). You can simply manually beam or use force duration. For a pattern that repeats, just copy that pattern (as often as needed) and re-pitch using Lock Duration (L).

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Great, thanks, I will try that. (I tried a number of times to force beaming; weird that I couldn’t get it to work. I wonder if issue is somehow related to using Notation Express / Stream Deck rather than right-clicking.)

It sure would be nice if there was an automatic way (i.e., in Dorico’s options) to have eighth beams broken across beats 2–3 in 5/4. Seems like that would have voided all of my attempted workarounds and the trouble they created. Should I submit this as a feature request…? (I guess maybe I just did!)

Thanks again, @Janus and @Christian_R. Once I removed all instances of independent simultaneous 5/4 and [2+1+2]/4 time sigs, everything’s working as you predicted.