Troublesome AAfs since N7

We have suddenly been having trouble with AAFs made in avid. These aafs open fine in other avids, fine in pro tools. But not in N7.

What is happening clips that are truncated are repeating themselves, and the audio that is required is in the handles. It can be best explained by going to aaf/
At 01:00:08:00 is one of the offending clips, and repeats later in the project, and again later, same problem for another grab about “oil up my bum”

If that doesn’t spark your interest I don’t know what will.

Also included is the “extracted audio from Video” which is a guide from Avid. As well as the AAf and the video file.

Only started since the upgrade from 5.5 to 7 (2 weeks ago).

any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance people

Pleased to see, a new update this morning. But sad to say, has not fixed the above issue.

Need this urgently looked at by Steinberg. My client is getting “P…off now” . These AAfs open fine in Nuendo 5.5.4.
They are all fixable, and the audio is hidden in the handles. But time consuming, and we are a fast turn around studio…
Help is now urgently required. Please steinberg download the demo AAFs in N7 and compare it to the guide audio embedded in the videos.

Have added more AAFs and Videos aaf/


As suggested by another Member in a private Message. I have copied the AAF filter from N5.5 and replaced it in N7. This at first (it seemed) did not work. But if I lengthed the timeline. The audio was displayed correctly, and no annoying repeating audio.

Still clipping some audio, but I can handle drag out the handles to reveal this. But most importantly no need to resync audio.

Hopefully this will give Steinberg some hint on how to fix this properly. Please PM me if I can help.

I’ve read all your comments/issues re: AAF imports.
I am receiving AAF sequences from a couple of different editors for mix ( MC 6.xx and 8.XX) and nothing seems to have changed since
The only “non-issue” I have is ; there are a bunch of missing files on the first import ( blank placeholders), but directing to the media folder all come in intact .
I can leave with that…

best of luck in finding your solution !

Thanks for your support. Your problem sounds like consolidation by the editor. Our problem maybe editor related too. If someone, somewhere in the world would download an open these AAfs. And confirm they are seeing the same problem, then I can narrow the problem down…maybe.

Which file do you want us to check? Can you give us the specific file name?

All of them have varying issues

I checked “W39 Sunday D30 Paora Audio” (didn’t download any more as the FTP is quite slow). It seemed to have the same issues with mixed sample rates in both PT and Nuendo until I did sample rate conversion in both (PT gives SRC on import).

Yeah that one is an abortion. Try Racheal hunter, or the undateables. Thanks people.

Repeating audio happens on Rachael Hunter so certainly an issue with the AAF component. Importing into 6.5 worked fine so try using the 6.5 AAF component which should be on your FTP now.

will do. Voicing now . Will try after that

Yep, I’m seeing the odd clip out of sync as well.

Likelystory; What procedure did you go through to get it back in sync / resample?

Yes 6.5 works as well. Its is still clipping some audio. We will use the 6.5 version. Till steinberg fixes it properly.
How about including Sample rate convertion, and Map time code too.

Hi all,

thanks for your reports. May I point you to the new AAF HELPDESK for Nuendo 7 in this forum.
We are happy to look into individual AAF problems to figure out what has happended.


Have sent off AAF’s. Good news it is reproducable. And “will be analysed short term”.

“I am sure we can provide a fix soon”

Thanx Thorsten. Me and my client are looking forward to it.

Big thumbs up to service. Patch has been sent to me fixing our AAF issues. Assume it will be shared to to the rest of the world soon.

Thanks again Thorsten