"True Peak" metering

I just noticed the description of the master meter as a “True Peak”. Does anyone know, do they mean that it in the sense that it interpolates between points at 0 dBFS to show the “True Peak” value above 0 dBFS?

Thanks -

“True peak” is a measurement standard covered by the EBU R128 and it’s various international versions.

But yes a true peak meter is in a way just what you described, a theoretical model of what happens to a signal as it passes through DA converters. It is used to set max peak levels avoiding output overloads. This metering is most commonly used for broadcast material.

But notice that the wording in the manual is somewhat strange as the true peak meter is part of the loudness meter (I don think it is available in Cubase) and have no relation to the “regular” peak meters within the application or in the control room meter section.

Thanks for that. I find I have been using the loudness meter a lot lately, but that may be because I have been looking into volume-matching and felt that was a better way to compare than peak or RMS meters.