trumpet effects

can anyone suggest the best FX settings for a trumpet? Playing the melody, solo, not a section…

Not sure what you are asking…

Unless you are looking for something out of the ordinary, the only fx you would use on a trumpet, be it solo or section, would be:


There are no settings for any of the above three that anyone can give you that will be correct, or “the best”. There is no such thing; these decisions are as individual as personalities, and are dependent on the way the instrument was recorded, and the rest of the tracks involved. If you want, an audio ex. and an explanation of what you are looking to achieve would be the way to go.


Yep all of the above…
also massive difference in sound between instruments… a Monette sounds completely different to say a selmer or a yamaha…
Best to do some listening research… compare miles’ sounds on b!tches brew compared to birth of the cool… night and day… or say guy barkers’ solo on swing out sisters’ ‘surrender’… all very different.
a touch of delay can also work nicely on a more dense track where a reverb might become swamped out a little too.

I know your question is about trumpet effects but that is all in the ear of the beholder so…
All I will say is that I love the way the brass (especially the trumpet) sounds in IK’s SampleTank 3.5. Fully adjustable to emulate any trumpet you ever heard. Nice! Check out a trial version.

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