Trumpet Instrument Labels and Condensing

I am having difficulties dealing with trumpet labels and condensing once it changes from “F” instruments to “B-flat” instrument.

Instrument Label
For some reason, Trumpet in F are labeled “1,3,5” and B-flat are labeled “2,4,6”.
I tried having “different player” play the other key instruments, but I run into issues when switching instrument in middle of the page.

I’m trying to condense m. 25, but it does not follow condensing instruction I changed in the engrave mode. (Seems like B-flat instruments do not want to condense together, but " Trp. in F" condenses as in m. 138)

Does anyone has idea of what I am doing wrong and have suggestion of solving these issues?

Lebels & Condensing.dorico (639.2 KB)

Unfortunately, this is a current limitation when dealing with players that are doubling.

There is an option in Engraving Rules > Staff Labels > Numbering.

Thanks so much for pointing this out. It seems like only solution is to make separate players to play the different key instrument and frame break at the point where they need to change.

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I visited the Engraving Options, but unfortunately, this numbering options did not address the numbering of the instruments in different keys.

See here: