Trumpet playback error Concert rather than transposed pitch

Pixies & Elves in one piece at different times on Playback the Trumpet parts sound in Concert
Scrolling through the notes they sound Transposed. This is also in a glissando where the top note is in Concert.
I’ve put in a new Staves ( is that Flows) and the problem is still there?
Checking chords over 36 staves on a laptop can be challenging hearing a note can be easier.

Can you cut down the project to just the affected bars and attach it here, Boris? Off the top of my head I can’t think of a good reason why only some notes for an instrument would be transposed incorrectly.

Do I just copy and past the affected bars?

It’s more reliable to make a copy of the whole project and delete as much as you can while leaving the issue still showing. Then upload that file here.

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Thank you I’ll do that as soon. It’s quite peculiar just in one or two places…

Tpt Fault playback Songs for Christmas.dorico (3.2 MB)

From bar 18 after the Gliss.
Upgraded to Dorico 5 Pro from 4 Pro to see if this cured the problem
no luck

Take a look at the MIDI Pitch Bend editor in the Key Editor: at the end of the gliss. in bar 18, the last point in the editor is at -1, rather than at 0, so everything’s going to play back one half-step/semitone too low from that point.

(Lovely bell peal effect in the introduction of this arrangement!)

Thank you so much. Thanks for the compliment too. It is complete.
Where do I find this Midi Pitch Bend editor in the Key Editor?

Hi Boris, hier 3 pictures to help you find where the Midi Pitch bend is in play mode.

Thanks Christian. Brilliant!

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Aren’t the Dorico team and the users on this forum awesome?:blush:


The forum community and especially the engagement of the Dorico team are a big reason why I jumped to Dorico from Finale!! … and the software is pretty awesome too :sunglasses:

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