Trumpet Section Balance

Hello! I’m struggling to get my trumpet sounds balanced able to playback within full higher range (beyond high E I believe is the limit in HSO trumpet). Based on forum/online research, I’ve switched the sound to GM Trumpet, and tried out both CC11 and Default Expressions Maps. However, it seems that one of the four trumpets is always balanced significantly louder than the others, and I"m not easily able to compensate for the issue in the mixer. File attached, tTrumpets Issue_JW.dorico (2.3 MB) Thank you in advance for any advice (this is my first big band score in progress attempt w/ the software, any other advice much welcome as well).

E does seem to be the limit with the Trumpet Ensemble but there are various solo trumpets which go higher in addition to the GM which might be worth trying. The GM trumpet plays somewhat louder than the other three so you just reduce its level in the Dorico mixer. I find this way the four seem correctly balanced.

Perhaps the reason you’re having problems is that you should be using the correct expression map for your trumpets, ie 3 Trumpets or Solo Trumpet. With the GM one it doesn’t really matter but the others play the wrong articulation which is weak and quiet with the Default

Incidentally, the second trumpet doesn’t sound at all. I found that simply by reloading it in Halion, the problem was fixed but I’d check the export version out on your machine so see if the same happens.