Truncate Silence: possible in Audacity and not in Wavelab?

Hello there,

I’m using Wavelab Elements 9.5, I wonder if they added this feature in the latest version:

Truncate Silence as in Audacity

I have a bunch of samples (eg. single drum hits) and need to optimize them by removing the silence after the actual sound.

I’d like to avoid installing another audio editor just for this task, of course. Any ideas?

P.S.: I read in the manual that is possible to split clips at silences, but it’s not exactly what I want to do, and it requires me to work with audio montages, while I just want to quickly edit a single file.

Did you check the Audio Split tool, in the audio editor?

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I’m aware of that, but I was hoping for something more immediate than working with audio montages that make opening / editing / saving many files a very slow and tedious task.

I ended up installing Audacity again. Thanks

I think the Batch processor in WaveLab will do this right !?

regards S-EH

Hi, unfortunately it looks like the Elements version of Wavelab has got a very limited Batch processing tool that works only as converter between format. I use it for converting wave files to mp3 sometimes, but that’s it. Thanks