Truncated tempo markings, print mode

Is the fact that I’ve got truncated tempo markings that I can’t adjust simply because I only have Elements?
Thanks for clarifying.

Pretty much, yes. The position of tempo markings is only determined by the rhythmic position to which they’re attached - there’s nothing to prevent text items from spilling off the edge of the page in any flavour of Dorico. In Dorico Pro you have the following tools:
a. adjusting the note spacing to widen those measures (374 and 381)
b. dragging the markings wherever you like in Engrave mode
c. using System Breaks to force Dorico to put measures 374 and 381 at the starts of systems.

In Elements you only have option c., found on the Edit menu. That’s probably the way I’d fix this situation in Pro.

Ok, great! Thanks for the tip, Leo!

I wasn’t able to do it.
I selected a barline, then I found “system break” on the write page, which I selected. But when I scrolled to that bar on the part, the break did not occur.
What was I doing wrong?

Nevermind, I figured it out. I had done the “system break” in score mode and expected it to show up in the part. But Dorico is smarter than that! When I just opened that part and did it, it worked. This way, the changes I make to the layout will only affect one part. Genius!

Dorico’s way isn’t quite as quick as Finale’s, but typically speaking you shouldn’t need to depend on it as often as you perhaps do in Finale. “Make Into System” and “Make Into Frame” are an extension of Dorico’s “System Breaks” and “Frame Breaks” that use a “wait for next” property to force bars onto individual systems or frames (a frame is typically but not always a page). See

Unless you’re working with music that has to be rigidly cast off, e.g. four bars to every system, it can often be quicker (in Pro) to introduce a Note Spacing Change.