Try to find Waves plugins (VST) in Cubase Elements

Hi, I try to find a VST-effect plugin by Waves in Cuabse.
I can´t find the plugin called “X-Click”

Anyone who knows how to find the plugin?


Make sure it’s not 32-bit Plugin, please and double check the Black List, please.

I can´t find a Black list (see location.png ^)

The plug-in is 64bit.
Operating System
Windows 7 with SP1 64 bit
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Windows 10 64 bit

What do you see in the list when you click on the Blacklist folder button?

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As I said, I don´t have a Black List in my Cubase.
Look at the picture I linked to in the first post ^
or check it out right here: (

You didn’t mention that you edited the word “Blacklist” in to the photo. So when I saw the word “Blacklist” I thought you did not highlight it.

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Anyway, why does not my demo-plugin work? Is it because I use Cubase Elements?

I have another plug-in by Waves that works only in Cubase Artist/Pro.

No, Cubase Elements can work with any (even 3rd party) plug-in.

Program Files (x86) is the usual install location for 32bit plugs…though I know Waves do stuff slightly differently.

I have a waveshell 64 dll in my vstplugins folder…I would try removing the Waves (x86) folder from the vstplugin paths and make sure there is a waveshell64.dll in one of your 64bit plugin folders.