Try to install N 11 on new account.. only problems

I had everything regarding Nuendo installed fine, But I had a NON ENGLISH LETTER in my Windows-account that WAVES V.13 just could not handle…
So, I made a new account and guess what? Now The VST instrument and Library manager just Fk everything up. Halion se3 is installed but Nuendo do nt see it, I have paid for Halion 6 but it just shuts down under the installation… Padshop seems to work, somehow3 after a couple of hours…
How to solve this? reinstall Windows?

Normally, you can install software for all users or just for one.
You should try to reinstall the software in question.

I believe that there is some kind of mismatch between the first account where everything was fine except Waves V13. Gaah!
Some of the installitions I could manage from the second account but not everything…
I removed the first account and Reinstall ed Nuendo. Starting from 10.3… but there is trouble with filepaths… VSTi and sounds installs on wring places… I will now Reinstall Windows, make a new account abd start from beginning… this is totaly horrible, By the way… Question: Is it right to FIRST install N 10.3 and then update to 11.04???

You can install 11. You don’t need to install 10. Your licence is for 11.
You can still install 10 if you need it later.

Ok… well thats a relief! Thanks.