Trying Dorico SE 4, can't get midi input to work

If this is already solved somewhere please kindly point me toward the topic. I couldn’t find the answer.

I’m trying out Dorico SE 4. Version (Jul 12 2022) on MacBook Pro M1 running Monterey 12.3.
I bought the world’s cheapest bluetooth midi controller: MiDiPLUS AKM320BT. It works entirely correctly with MuseScore (unfortunately MuseScore’s midi input is just awful, hence Dorico).
Do you need to know other stuff to answer a midi question?

So my cheapo bluetooth midi keyboard is recognized by the Mac. It’s recognized and working with MuseScore. Dorico flashes its little green light at the bottom right to say it sees the input.

But there are only two things that happen. After starting up Dorico, only the very first time I try to record some notes all of the notes I played get grouped together as a single 16th note cluster, a few 16ths into the first bar. After that every subsequent attempt results in nothing being recorded.

Any ideas about what default setting probably needs to be changed? Is this some newbie user error? Again, the keyboard works correctly with MuseScore. If that little open source gremlin can handle it then I’m feeling like this is probably a Dorico problem.

As an orchestra librarian literally all I want to use notation software for on a regular basis is to fix page turns. Maybe the very occasional transposition. At the moment, no kidding, my current methods of photoshop or pencil on paper are almost always faster than any notation software sans midi keyboard. I was really hoping the ability to input in rhythm could speed things up a lot.

Thanks all

Hi @a_p_ford , welcome to the forum.

I don’t know but maybe worth trying: If you go to the Dorico Preferences dialog, choose the Play tab and scroll down to the Recording section, there is an option for ‘Filter out MIDI controllers’. If you tick that one, does it maybe get any better?

Have you watched the SE tutorial video?