Trying out Cubase, no sound from my notebook or iTwo interface

I am trying out Cubase 11, but I am unable to get any sounds out of it on my HP Omen notebook. Not from the internal sound card, nor my Presonus iTwo interface. When I go into settings nothing is listed.

I know the iTwo has been around for a while, and that integrated audio is far from optimal, but is there something I can do to get it to work on my notebook when I am not at home with my big i9 desktop - which would apparently need a new audio interface for as well unless my Mackie ProFx12v3 mixer would suffice.

I’ve been at this off and on going back to the days of Cakewalk 1.1d running in MS-Dos 3.3. Mostly off, but now on full steam ahead. I’ve been running Studio One Pro for a while now but I’ve never been all that thrilled with it; now I’m running into issues with the way it displays certain VST’s on a 4k display (think postage stamp). So I’m looking at other options. Didn’t care for BandLab. Not a fan of FL Studio. ProTools is kind of pricey for an amateur/part timer like me. Logic only runs on Apple hardware; I am thinking of getting a new MacBook, but I want a DAW that would run on both my notebook and i9 desktop.

So what do I do? Thanks for reading, and for any tips you can provide…

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Open Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System. Choose the right ASIO Driver here, please.

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