Trying the trial of 8.1: Can't load some Cubase 9 projects.

I wanted to try 8.1 to see if the Mac improvements are at least enough to want to work in it, but unforuntatley it won’t load some of my projects from Cubase 9. It crashes at the very end of loading every track and channel in the session, so it doesn’t seem like it’s a plugin causing the issue (and even so, if the plugins are all working fine in C9 then they should in N8.1.

Anyone run into this issue? It’s not every project, and I have no idea what the difference is. The one I really need and want to work on is actually totally blank file-wise - it’s a big scoring template that loaded fine in N8 (and C9), just not N8.1.


Could you send me some of your corrupted projects by PM?


HI Armand,

Sure, I will do so when I have some time later today. The files aren’t corrupt, though. When I load them in C9 it’s fine, FYI - it’s just that at the end of loading everything they crash when I try to load them in N8.1. Also, when I loaded them into N8 earlier on, they worked fine as well.