Trying to add a ceasura in Play

I am trying to add a caesura playback to a passage that ends in a sixteenth note (demisemiquaver) without changing the notated values.

  • I started by slowing down the last 32nd of the tempo.
  • I have the grid tool set as small as possible (32nd notes).
  • I have the Playback and Object selection tools chosen in Play mode, but i cannot choose the playback line in the piano roll.
    I would like to select the playback duration line the way I can select the notation bar and apply SHIFT+ALT+Left Arrow to shorten it by a 32nd. Occasionally I see a L/R Arrow cursor flicker on and off, but most of the time I just see a “Stop” hand sign.

Question 1: Is there any way in Play mode to see less than the entire length of the flow at (much) greater horizontal resolution?

My second thought was to add an extra 32nd rest (hidden) to the measure with SHIFT+B, but starting with the Inputting bars/beats with the popover article in the Help files, I could not find the appropriate suffix for 32nd (or any other length) notes. Sadly, I never memorized beyond the x for sixteenths.

Question 2: @Lillie_Harris , can you add this link somewhere (or to more pages where appropriate) in the Help files to the table of note-value suffixes used in the SHIFT+B popover? Thanks.

EDIT: I correctly guessed the suffix was y.
(Nice to know Alzheimer’s hasn’t taken over entirely.)

Where were you looking in the manual (and which version)? in the 3.5 version, there’s a table of durations for all popovers that need them (bars/beats, tempo, tuplets).

It’s not in the inputting task because we never describe the full list of popover entries there, it would disrupt the steps too much. However, all tasks should have a related link to their popover or panel (and indeed inputting bars/beats with the popover does).

Re: slowing down time to add a caesura, you want the Time track, and you may also want to change the height of tracks and also zoom horizontally.

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@Lillie_Harris , I started by clicking the Dorico Help link in the Help menu at the top of my open Dorico Pro 3.5.12 program, which does lead to the 3.5.12 help. I do now see the table in the Bars and barlines popover, but since I was not adding bars but “beats,” I did not check there. Perhaps that is my mistake, but now at least you have another glimpse of some of our flaky thinking.

As Mark Twain is reputed to have said: “Nothing is foolproof, because fools are so ‘darned’ ingenious.”