Trying to add additonal 8 channel AD/DA via ADAT

I am currently using a MOTU 896HD as my main interface into Cubase 4 running on a Mac Mini via firewire. I am trying to add a Behringer ADA8000 via Optical ADAT. I have turned on ADAT IN and ADAT OUT on the MOTU control panel. In the VST connections window there is no port named ADAT or Behringer. There are addtional MOTU channels but if I try to assign them nothing happens. The ADAT signal is showing up in Cuemix as ADAT 1-8 and tapping on a mic it shows a signal there but I cannot get a signal to in to record in Cubase or out to mix on my console. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve been working on this all day and am about to shoot myself. Any help is appreciated.

first thing i’d check is the motu control pnael. don’t know if it’s the same as on my 2408s but if it is, there will be banks of 8 channels. you must activate the extra 8 channels in there. then double check that the system is clocked properly. the ada8000 can sync to adat input or wordclock. make sure that it is set to slave to the motu.
obviously, when yyou get it working, save a cubase template with the routing as you need it.ed