Trying to assign a key command via macro to a particular effect

Is there a way to assign a key command to a particular VST effect?

Essentially I’d like to assign a command to Voxengo Span for it to show/hide on demand. To do this I think I’d need the following series or commands as part of a macro:

  1. Select “Master Out” (done, via Project Logical Editor)
  2. Select plugin name “Span”

    Select insert slot “16”
  3. Toggle show/hide

    I’m currently stuck on 2 and can see no way in the logical editor to do this. Re 3 I need the equivalent of “Edit VST Instrument” but this doesn’t seem to exist, which makes sense given there are multiple effects per track. I assume therefore this needs to be done in the logical editor also.


Unfortunately you can’t do this. The LE & PLE don’t have the ability to pass text to commands.


OK, thanks for confirming.