Trying to buy cross grade for 5 days and 3 support tickets without success

Just to raise awareness that using 3rd parties for your shopping is a really bad idea. I uploaded the correct files to prove my legibility for crossgrades but haven’t been able to buy since. I wrote 3 time to the support they first come with auto response and now said that my cross grade is approved but when I click their link it still doesn’t work.

I wonder what I can do still so I hope I reach to someone who can really do something. Its the worst purchasing experience I had in a very long time.

Please make sure that you’re contacting the Steinberg Online Shop Support if you’re having trouble with your purchase. They’re usually quick to respond.

Did 2 times already. First they told me to put verification in again even tho I got confirmation that documents are received. Next they told me it’s verified and I should put products back in my basket which again lead me to verification and then another 8 hours with no response hence I try here now…