Trying to buy Dorico 4 crossgrade education...Help!

Hi all!
I’m trying so hard to buy Dorico 4 Crossgrade edu… I keep submitting my verification details (I’m a college singing teacher and I own Sibelius) but nothing happens.
Support told me the verification email was sent but I’ve never received it…
And now my support ticket on Steinberg help has been unanswered for nearly a week despite my sad cries for help!
Can anyone help?! Thanks!

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems. I will ask my colleagues in support to dig out your ticket. They’re under a very heavy workload this week because Cubase 12 was released last week, and that’s always the busiest possible time for our support team.

Aw thanks Daniel! I appreciate it’s a busy time for you all, but it would be great if they can help out.
Anja said the verification email had been sent, but I’m just not receiving it.