Trying to combine two bars (fanned beams of 21/16 ; 24/16 ) into one

The previous meter (given by Dorico) of bar 113 was 21/16 and the meter for bar 114 is (according to Dorico) 24/16 (A) . I have increased the meter @ 113 to 45/16 in order to add material in bar 114 to it and delete that bar.

When I try to either (B) start moving (alt <-) or cut & paste 114 material onto 113 I am getting the results in B… any ideas how to prevent this from happening?
Many thanks - cheers.
( I intend to hide all time signatures for the fanned beams measures and use the X time signature but I think this will mass things up so I’ll just use two lines crossed I think… )



You have insert mode activated. Try doing the copy paste operation without insert mode.

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Thanks for that - I use that insert mode scope because when I start experimenting with division values this prevents notes to be pushed upon one another… but thanks very much for your comment.
Very helpful.