Trying to convert old .all to new .cpr format. Unsuccessful so far. help wanted

I need some very old material i have stored in .all files (cubase SX) converted to .cpr files so i can use them in cubase 11.
After installing SX3 and importing these .all files most of the time i get a serious error and sx3 crashes. With some small files like 35kb or smaller, sx3 can read them. But larger files always result in a crash.
I am running windows 10 in compatible mode (windows 7 32-bits).

The log file of sx3 says the following, but does not give me any clue.
I could really need some help with this

Log file:
CUBASE~1.EXE Version Version 3.1.0 Build 933 - 6.1.2022 20:13

Timestamp is 430b9af6 (Tue Aug 23 23:53:58 2005)

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 007A3C83 01:003A2C83 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE

EAX=00000001 ECX=00000000 EDX=0019e2f4 EBX=16441701 ESI=11e6e740 EDI= 11e6e740
EBP=0019f474 EIP=007a3c83 ESP=0019e37c CS= 00000023 SS= 0000002b Flags=00010202
DS= 0000002b ES= 0000002b FS= 00000053 GS= 0000002b

Float Save:
Control Word= 0000027f Status Word= 00000320 Tag Word=0000ffff
Error Offset= 00c2e72b Error Selector=00000000
Data Offset= 00000000 Data Selector= 00000000
Cr0NpxState= 00000000

Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 11 ff 52 34 8d 4d d8 c7 45 fc ff ff ff ff e8
49 66 40 00 5f 5e 33 c0 5b 8b 4d f4 64 89 0d 00

Call stack:
Address Frame
007A3C83 0019F474 0001:003A2C83 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
0059A72D 0019F498 0001:0019972D C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
0059EE21 0019F4B4 0001:0019DE21 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00599A13 0019F4E4 0001:00198A13 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
0059CE49 0019F500 0001:0019BE49 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
0059D36C 0019F564 0001:0019C36C C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
005A18F7 0019F58C 0001:001A08F7 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00AA901F 0019F61C 0001:006A801F C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00AABCEE 0019F690 0001:006AACEE C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00AACD2C 0019F6C4 0001:006ABD2C C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00BCE4D2 0019F6E4 0001:007CD4D2 C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE
00BD20CA 0019F714 0001:007D10CA C:\Tools\Audio\CUBASE~2\CUBASE~1.EXE

Perhaps you could find an old Windows XP machine, and install Cubase SX3 on that?

The log is from a more or less generic crash and I think only a Steinberg developer could help decipher what the root cause was, and seeing as Cubase SX3 is no longer supported, there is little hope of that.