Trying to create a plugin with the JUCE Framework

I’m currently trying to program a VST3 with the JUCE Framework in Visual Studio 2022 for windows 11. but for some reason, the IDE will not register the juce framework or commands, and therefore will not build the corresponding VST3 file. I asked ChatGPT how to solve this and the AI directed me to the Steinberg VST3 SDK. is it correct? btw idk if it makes a difference but im programming on an azure virtual machine. the base device is a MacBook Pro running Mac Sonoma.


Sounds more like a JUCE configuration thing. Do you have the vst3 sdk downloaded? I don’t know how JUCE handle the dependency to the vst3sdk but somehow you need the sdk to be able to build a vst3 plugin.

You can also build vst3 plugins without using JUCE as well and just use the plain vst3sdk to do it. You don’t need the entire JUCE ecosystem for that.