Trying to do organ registration page with symbols etc?

I’m trying to do an organ registration page and need to enter certain symbols etc and can’t figure out how to do that. For instance, for the presets I’m using boxed text and need brackets, plus numbers in circles, which for the score I used guitar string indicators. Am I out of luck on this?

Can you post a picture of exactly what you mean? I’m an organist and I’m not quite following you based on your description.

You can attach any text symbol to any note using the shift-X text function. If you’re on Mac, you can use the Emoji/Symbols viewer to add numbers that are already in circles as text items (I assume this is to indicate a general or divisional).

Yes, here it is.

Wrong one, try this one:

Here’s a nice font for boxed letters, though it’s sans serif:

This one’s is a bit different, but I really like it for liturgical use (attached). (7.92 KB)

For the brackets you’ll have to fake it with additional text boxes and copy the symbols from the SMuFL page.

I have it worked out. I tried the graphics editor again and this time it worked. I did the same procedure as the first time it didn’t work so go figure. Anyway, that saved me a lot of work and thanks again for all the suggestions.