Trying to figure out why transport rewind/fast forward/play/stop is changing settings on my external synth

Why would this be? any ideas?

Because of MIDI.

derrr obviously.

How do I stop it, as far as I know, I don’t have that type of MIDI protocol in the program connected.

Usually things like these are caused by settings like ‘reset on stop’ and ‘chase events’ in preferences. Or sometimes synths are configured to respond to certain midi messages or cc’s that are normally used for other purposes. So you have to look for these on the track and see if the synth is programmed to respond to these in a certain way? A good way to see what’s happening on a track is to place the midi insert ‘midi monitor’ on it that comes with Cubase. You can see what is send and received on that particular track and when.

Hmm, I do have a bunch of things selected for chase events.

I wish this could be set per track instead of globally, can it?