Trying to find a Queen song I heard ONCE

Hello -

I’m afraid this is likely a futile request, but I’d like to ask for some help please, just in case …

I heard the song a few years ago, and really liked it, it’s periodically come up from my subconscious, and now I’d like to have it to play … but I have no idea what song it is, or what album, or much at all! I went through all the Queen songs by title and by album, but that didn’t help … I’m not sure I even knew the name of the song, just heard it played once or twice.

Here’s what little I can remember of it:

  1. It’s not one of their mega-hits.
  2. The musical characteristics that I (think I) remember is that an acoustic guitar sound seemed prominent, the whole feel of the song was gentle … almost wistful.
  3. For some reason, “Sloop John B”, the old Beach Boys song comes to mind whenever I try to think of the Queen song. Was it nautically based? … or is that a complete red herring?.. I can’t remember!

Well, if anyone thinks they might be able to point me towards a likely candidate song, please do. If, as I fear is most likely, there’s no way to do so from the info I provided … I apologize for taking up the forum bandwidth for no productive reason!

Thanks :smiley:

Aloha a, Not to confuse you even more…but

are you sure the song is by Queen?

At one point I was trying to remember a Jethro Tull song
and when I finally heard it again it was by ‘Procol Harum’.

Wish musicians had a site for ‘mind snippets’. Maybe one day.
I’ve said too much already


Good Company from A Night at the Opera comes to mind. But that is ukulele, not to mention some of the most amazing processed guitar lines ever.

'39 .

Somehow, at this moment, I feel like it is one of the most haunting songs ever, though I don’t know why.

Ah, that one too. A Night at the Opera is such a great album. Prophet song is unbelievable.

Yes, beautiful song! :sunglasses:

Death on Two Legs
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
I’m in Love With My Car
You’re My Best Friend
Sweet Lady
Seaside Rendezvous
The Prophet’s Song
Love of My Life
Good Company
Bohemian Rhapsody
God Save the Queen

That’s one hell of an album!!! :astonished:

Will have to check it out properly … before '39 I only knew the radio hits … now I’m extremely interested in hearing the rest!

I’m old, so it always surprises me when this isn’t a “must listen”.

One of things to remember is that this was done in 73/74 then released in 1975. No MIDI. No computers. I think they made it a point to say they didn’t use synths at all on the record. They did all the effects just jacking around with amps and old school effect systems. F’N amazing.

One of the reason old dudes go “meh” to so much modern music is that we got stuff like this when it was actually shattering what music could sound like.

… and nobody played synthesizer


You may like this then!

Yeah, and that was just the crap for ONE song. That album is full of awesomeness from end to end.

I think Prophet Song is still my favorite Queen song.

Is This The World We Created?

Way back when synthesizers were subtractive and modular I read an article by John Simonton in which he discussed using a computer on the front end of a synth to generate an “infinitely rising chord progression”. The idea always stuck in my mind and then in '76 Queen released “A Day at the Races”. Listen to the beginning just before Tie your Mother down, or last minute of so of the album and there it is…

Is it on a specific song? I don’t have the album, but I could youtube it.

Except the last bit of Teo Torriatte is guitar through a bucket bregade delay being carefully manipulated on tape.

EDIT: And don’t they use the same effect to start the album before Tie Your Mother Down?

The prelude to Tie your Mother Down and the Finale after Teo Torriatte

lol, my brain is dead … I forgot that those two tracks were together. But, still … no synths … no computers.

EDIT: Also, I remember how disappointed I was when this came out. It was such a steep drop off from ANATO. But, I can listen to Races now and enjoy it as having good tunes. But, from a production/composition standpoint the two are miles apart. In retrospect that was a pretty high bar to set for yourself. So, I’m just grateful they set that bar.

Yes this was done completely synthless, I didn’t mean to infer that it was done on synth - only to convey how overwelmed I was on hearing it - it was the concept of it that wowed me.

Sorry I edited my original post at about the same time as you quoted it, yes.