Trying to find event manager in editor (Solved)

Hi All
Trying to find the menu for event manager in the editor Cubase 13 Pro. I want to be able to show different colours for nots in and out of scale.
The manual tells says you can do it but as far as i can see not how to set it up.

Any help would be appreciated.


In the Key Editor by default Notes are colored based on Velocity. But you can set it to color the Notes based on various criteria including the Notes & Scale.

Many thanks Raino.

It is that menu that I cannot find in cubase 13. Not sure to locate it.

A toolbar can potentially have more items than can be displayed in the available physical space. If you right+click on the Toolbar it will let you set which items are visible or not.

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Once again many thanks Raino.
I did that and show all and still could not see that menu. I think at that point my brain woke up and I realised I could stretch screen over to the right more. Guess what… there it was. What a donut I am.!!!

Best wishes

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