Trying to get back to the big bang and a default template for PadShop

Hello ppl! :smiley:

What I would like to do is I want a dry bone sound that sounds like the sample I drop into PadShop. I’m trying to set up a template or something that I can just drop short-ish samples in and it kind of works but I’m not happy with that bare bone sound. It’s fluttering and chorusing and phasing and it doesn’t want to do what I want to do.

It’s possible this is not something PadShop is particularly well suited to do and I’m trying to hammer a screw or screw a nail into the wall? I know I can smooth the sounds out with all sorts of stuff but that’s not the point for this question. Today I’m doing lead sounds that need to respond fast and precisely, also with as much as possible of the original sound recognizable. These samples btw are taken from other parts of the project and are reappearing in new clothing, so that’s why I want them to be decipherable by the listeners multiple times.

So is it possible to strip everything off from a PadShop sound and still make it sound at least neutral, if sounding great at this point isn’t an option?

Apparently I’ve been away from PadShop a while.
There is a button that solves everything in the upper left corner.
I can now put the hammer and screws away and use the Spectral Oscillator instead of the Grain Oscilator and I’m a happy camper again, despite January.

  • load Padshop with the default pure sine grain (red) preset
  • set speed parameter to 100%
  • set number to 2
  • import your favourite sample
  • trigger this sample via C3
    Result: the sample will play back as desired

No. Thanks but that’s not what I have in mind. :smile: It works like I want in the Spectral Oscillator (cyan wave, not red) so I clicked the Solution link in the forum. I just have to bite the bullet and just do it every once in a while, when I need this particular feature. It’s not something I will do too often so as a workaround it’s OK-ish. I’d prefer if Steinberg could fix this inconsistent behavior though.

Which inconsistent behaviour?

Between the position parameters in the two different oscillators, one works as expected and the other only works with a workaround. Sorry, I see I have two topics for PadShop with different issues.
The other topic is here:

HowlingUlf, you’re right.
Depending on the sound that you throw at Padshop, each engine (granular, spectral) may work differently and there is one better than the other. For instance, a fast attack and fast decay sound (percussive, drumlike) may sound a little smeared in the granular engine, due to the symmetrical wavelets used. In the very first milliseconds sound quality is defined and so it is missed by the granular engine. The spectral engine behaves like a sampler, when you set start pos=0, speed=100, no other cursor than 1, attack time 0 in the level envelope, it plays the 1st sample when you press the key and that’s what is needed there.
Well, in a synth we like to transform samples, and the core functionality is doing something new: for that, we have much more scope in the granular engine than the spectral. But sometimes, in 2 layers, having a sample player in one is very useful. Secondly, Padshop is a pad maker, both engines are built to make pads out of anything, so asking it to play drumlike sounds may be something at the border. Cheers

Yeah, I can’t help myself from playing pads in BackBone and percussion in PadShop haha! Eventually I come up with at least some interesting noises, even useful! But I’ve forgotten all about the A and B layers in PadShop … hmm! Like Roland D50 attack on one and sustain pad on another. That’s a great idea, right? Thanks, now I have more to do! :sunglasses: