Trying to get IC Pro working

Hi, still a relative Cubase newbie at the moment, and I’m trying to get Cubase iC Pro working.

Here’s what I’ve done so far -
Cubase 6.5.20 x64 installed on Windows 7 x64.
PC is hardwired to the network with IP address
I took the “Trial” option for SKI remote and installed it, and activated it with the trial license key.
Done today 30 days to go.

Installed the App on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7"
Connected wireless to the same network as the PC with IP address
The PC can ping the tablet no problem

I start cubase, once it’s up I start the app. It doesn’t connect automatically, when I enter the IP address manually and submit eventually I get.
“There is no host connected to the IP address”

Any thoughts as to what I might have missed? I’ve also tried it from a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with the same results.

Is there anyway inside Cubase to confirm the SKI Remote is working?

Hi Steamhead!

For my part I am using iC Pro without any problem. I am using a Galaxy Tab 2 10" and my Cubase 7.5 is running on Win7. I used it in Cubase 6.5, but it was with iC Pro runing from an iPod

One thing I am not sure about is if the iC Pro for Android uses the “bonjour” protocol as I know that Apple devices work that way for iC Pro. I don’t know for sure as I was using iOS version through an iPod prior to use it on my Tablet, so the SKI installation was already done and having to use iTune for my iPod, “Bonjour” service was already installed way before Android version was available and when I started using it with my GT2, everything worked perfectly.

I think you would have better chances to have an answer in the iC Pro Forum as it is more specific to iC Pro issues.

Who would want to install iTunes (and all the other stuff that wants to com with it) on a DAW?

Bonjour is actually not required to use Android iC Pro. The PC just needs to have a fixed IP address, but the Android devices don’t, as they obviously tell Cubase where they are once they connect to the PC.

I have it working with two Note 3s. The only downside is that there is no way to set iC Pro on the Androids to default to the PC’s IP address! SB, Hint!

Now all we need is a Windows tablet version, and some customising of things like the time text size.

@steamhead, have you done this?

After installing the SKI Remote extension, follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Cubase version
  2. Go to the Devices menu and select “Device Setup…”. This will bring up the Device Setup window.
  3. In the Device Setup window, click on “+” to add a new device.
  4. Select “Steinberg SKI Remote” from the pop-up list. This will add the Steinberg SKI Remote device to your Remote Devices and allow Cubase iC Pro/Cubase iC to communicate with Cubase.

Hi Folks,
@GPT I first did a quick search for IC Pro and the first few hits came up on either General or issues, and I didn’t see IC Pro on the board index. Now I know it’s there I can see it’s under Steinberg Apps, but it didn’t jump out when I was first looking. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll go there for any other advice I need on IC Pro.

@Patanjali adding the device worked a treat thanks.

@Steinberg - I’d used the Video tutorial on the IC Pro page and it tells you quite clearly to download the app, and install SKI, but then it kind of skims over the Device Setup bit telling you once you’ve installed SKI it appears as a remote control device in Cubase, it doesn’t tell you that you need to do something about that. Now I’ve done that I can see the screen shots are showing you that process, but it’s remarkably fast and not too clear it’s telling you something you had to do, I’d assumed it was just showing you that it had appeared as a remote device. This might be obvious to a seasoned Cubase user, but as a newbie it passed me by.

But thanks again folks, working now.