Trying to get yamaha 01x to connrct with Essentials 5

I purchased a Yamaha 01x to run with Essentials 5…I can use the Midi and Transport controls, but I can’t get the sound to stream from Essentials 5 to the 01x.I can see the meters in Essentials Moving,but no sound …Thanks :cry: :blush:

Select the 01x ASIO driver in device setup, and assign the required in and outputs in VST connections.

Thanks Strophoid…Tried that but still no sound… :blush:

Have you installed Yamaha Studio Manager? Does it appear in the Devices menu?

Got Cubase to produce sound to the 01x ,now I can only control the master out from Cubase…No transport controls,no Vst controls…Help :astonished:

@rtorstrick…I installed studio manager…Still can’t get The 01x to control essentials…I bought the 01x used…Would the last owner settings prevent me from setting up the 01x with my essentials 5 ? if so how do I reset the 01x without erasing the Rom update. :nerd: