Trying to make HALion 7 work so I can use Cubase with it

Dear Anyone.

Please don’t be too techie with the answer - am a learner! OK. I’ve got a Trial Cubase, legit., download, and HALion 7. Reason for getting HALion was I wanted to use SOMETHING with Cubase that I KNEW Cubase could work with, while I was learning the software (it looks an absolute, Alien-style, screaming nightmare, does Cubase, but I was going to give it a shot anyway!)

I’ve installed them both on a 3TB external hard d rive because there’s not enough room on the internal one. And here’s what I’m getting…

Why is Activation Manager saying everything’s activated but HALion saying it can’t find its license?

I’ve not tried Cubase yet because my old DAW’s 32-bit and I wasn’t sure if its VST2s would be liked by Cubase - I wanted to make sure I had sounds Cubase WOULD like while learning about it!

Yours puzzledly

Chris. Who has submitted a ticket but forgot there were forums when he was doing that - sorry!

It seems, you’ve installed the full version of HALion but activated the free HALion Sonic. So, it should be sufficient to install the proper edition to get it working.

You do not have a license for Halion 7, you have a license for Halion Sonic 7. That’s the reason.
Halion Sonic 7 is included in Cubase, if you want to use Halion 7 then you have to buy it separately.

If you have actually purchased HALion 7, you should have received an order confirmation by e-mail. This contains a Download Access Code. Enter this code in the Download Assistant. Then open the Activation Manager and activate HALion 7.

Thanks, all you guys. I didn’t realise they weren’t the same thing. I misread an article that said ‘Halion SONIC was free’ and thought it meant HALion was free, so I downloaded it!

Wasn’t trying to do anything dodgy, just misunderstood cos I’m a noob!

Yours respectfully,

Chris, who now really DOES have HALion Sonic!


Just to make it even more confusing, there’s a paid version of Halion Sonic too, called Halion Sonic Collection, that’s basically Halion SONIC but with a bunch of added libraries and sounds. Neither one can edit or create patches though, just play them back.

If you’re a sampler kinda guy, check out the trial of the full Halion if you get around to it. For a Cubase user that relies heavily on sampling, its a no brainer of a purchase. I pretty much stopped using my two E6400 Ultras after I bought it last year…

Sorry but this is not true! You can’t create new sample layer/programs (use/ import/ record your own samples) but depending on the amount of content (preferably sample layers) you own, the editing possibilities are rather huge.
See here for details: Editing Programs and Layers

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