Trying to make my own loop

So I’ve had Studio 4 for quite awhile but haven’t had near eneough time to play.

Current version is Studio 4.5.2
Using a MOTU 8pre

What I’m trying to do is this:

Take a live recording a a guitar riff and save it as a loop that can be imported into another project and be set to the right tempo.

when I get the recording how I want it, lined up to bars and beats and have it cropped at zero crossings, how do I get it saved in a place where I can access it with the loop browser of another project?

Set the locators and Export Audio Mixdown or right click it, choose convert to real copy under edit and grab it from the project audio folder.

…or “bounce selection”

Thanks for the replies.

I can use “convert to real copy” (seems to make another copy that can be independently edited), “export audio mixdown” (saves a .wav in another file that I’ve created). and “bounce selection” (worked great for joining the individual parts of a drum lick after splitting with scissors tool and using “sizing applies time stretch” to match to bars and beats.

What I can’t do is make use of the Loop Browser to access loops that I’ve created. It seems that I should be able to open a new project, go to: Media / Open Loop Browser, and browse for my loops, then put them in the new project and readily have them at the correct tempo.

'Been looking online, in the book, and in the pdf file with the (new) Operation Manual

Thanks again
Still searching


Figured out that the loop browser (and media browser) had to scan the hardrive to show the media files. That’s why I couldn’t use it.

Now I’ve been able to open a new project, open the loop browser, find my drum loop and insert it into the project.


The only problem is that it is at 150Bpm and I want it at 80bpm.

If I remove the track, then change to 80Bpm in the pool (just by opening the pool, highlighting where it says 150 under tempo and changing it to 80), it still plays at the same (too fast) speed when I insert it back into the project.

Does this have to do with “time base”, “music base”, “time linear”, “bars+beats linear”, or what???

It has to do with “Musical Mode”. Check the manual on AudioWarp.

See this month’s " Tips And Tricks " ;

  • It’s all to do with …

    …timing !
    Badoomtish :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll look at the tips and tricks site, but I did find the solution to why I couldn’t make the tempo right.

In the Pool, there is a column that says “Straighten Up”

Even tho it gave me visions of a mother coming up behind her kid and smacking him in the back of his head, I thought — why not.

When I checked the box for my loop, apparently it straightened up. Everything worked after that.