Trying to map the n0b controller with Cubase. A bit confuse about the MIDI "relative" modes

Hello, I am no expert at MIDI, but my n0b control let me choose between Absolute and relative.
This is from the n0b manual :

When relative values are selected, nAc will only output the relative change of the control signal,
since the last control update. This is useful when you want to use nAc to control a parameter,
but you do not want it to suddenly jump to a new value, but only to change by the proper
amount, based on how much you have just rotated the knob. This is particularly useful when
you are also controlling the same parameter by other means (the mouse, another hardware
controller etc), so that nOb only increases or decreases the value that has already been set.
This can also be proven useful, when you want to control the same set of parameters in different
sessions and you do not want to have sudden value jumps when you are switching from one
session to another and start controlling parameters (like e.g. with different mixing sessions,
where the fader positions are different for the same channels).

I can’t find the correct combination to make this behavior work.

  1. Relative in n0b software + Absolute in Cubase + Jump in mapping config?
  2. Relative in n0b software + Absolute in Cubase + Scaled in mapping config?
  3. Relative in n0b software + Relative in Cubase + Jump in mapping config?
    etc. ?

I try to map it to the Pre-Gain, and it jumps all over the place, going to minus infinite sometimes, making weird jumps etc.

Relative can be of three different type, so you have to choose what is the one your controller really sends.
Try to set “Relative Signed Bit” to the control’s valueMode and then set the valueMode of the gain to “Scaled”.
If this does not work, you have to test other combinations unfortunately.

2 issues with this combination.
It only work Clockwise.
The anti clockwise makes the parameter jumps to minus infinite

The second issue is that due to the “scaled” feature, sometimes the parameter moves by a huge amount with only a tiny mouvement on my nOb

Sure, I get this.
As said, you really have to try the other combis as well, for example the 2’s complement.
What does the manual state? Is this a MIDI controller?

Absolute in n0b software + Absolute in Cubase + Scaled in mapping config?

This is the combination that works the best. It works like with the usual “scaled” feature

Yes the n0b is a MIDI controller
The manual state what I said in the first message, that if the assignement is set to “Relative” inside this controller software, then it will increase or decrease the current value, without the need of any “scaled” feature. (that last sentence was just my own conclusion from the manual)

But worstcase scenario, scaled will do

Could you please link me the manual?

page 37

Ok, here’s the detail I get:

From what I see, you have to set the value to 2’s complement.

I kind of feel stupid right now
The only combination I didn’t tested
Relative in n0b + Two complement in Cubase + Scaled (not that this particular parameter matter ?)

Everything works as expected
I should really increase my kwowledge about how MIDI cc are transmitted

Thanks again

The “2’s complement” sounds exotic, so yes, we can all miss this one out :slight_smile: