Trying to open a project from 2002 with no .cpr or .all endings on files


I posted about this a few days ago but now the situation has changed, so I made a new topic.

I have three (and soon five) songs that I need to open. They were recorded in the beginning of 2002 in Cubase but the files that come with them have no .cpr or .all endings. I have all folders with audio and then the project song files to open but I’m in an iMac and see absolutely no .cpr or .all endings. When I add a .cpr or .all to the end of the file name, Cubasis Elements (I downloaded the trial today) tells me “invalid project file”.

What can I do? I don’t use pirated software, I only have Logic Pro X and Reason, as well as Pro Tools First and Cubase Elements 10.5 DEMO.

I need to open these files and find absolutely no way of doing it. And since the tracks were sadly never consolidated, putting them together in Logic would be like putting together a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and then have to mix and edit them, too!

If it’s a matter of BUYING Cubase Elements, these files are worth the $100 Euros or Dollars, but I don’t think I would be in a position to pay 300-500 for them if I have to buy the Artist or Pro version :frowning:


Thank you!


That is Cubasis, Cubasis LE or Cubase Elements?
If ot is an „invalid project file“ it is maybe an „.all“ or „.arr“ file, or you are indeed opening it in Cubasis, which probably does not support such old version files.

What are the exact file type you are trying to open? Any Cubase version newer than SL/SX3 will only open .CPR files. You cannot just rename the file as its not the right format.

I’ve opened old projects by first opening them in Cubase SX (free download here:
Then saving them in SX and opening the sx projects again in Cubase pro.

Hello! First of all, thank you. Now, I downloaded the file but it’s only an update. Do you know where I can find the actual program? I doubt that it’s still for sale as it’s 20 years old, right?

Aah. Here is the CD image:

If you only have Elements I don’t think you’ll be able to use SX3, you’ll need the Elements equivalent version which was SL 3.

CD Image is here:

Failing that you might find someone here prepared to carry out the conversion for a small fee…might even do it myself.

If there are no .cpr or .all suffixes on the files, are there .arr? If there’s no file suffix at all are you certain these are really Cubase files? If you can link to at least one of these projects it should be possible to confirm that they are and that indeed they are recoverable.

Elements license CANNOT open SL3 nor SX3. You will need Artist or Pro license.

…and I’m not doubting this, now you mention it, it maybe that when I thought I’d opened an old .all with an Elements license and SL3 it was actually before I had Pro and was on an Artist license (it was quite a few years ago and my memory…). I know I couldn’t use SX3 so had to go to the lower version.

Was there an even lower version?

Looks like there is an SE version…never tried it but it’s there for file conversions so maybe…

There is indeed the SE3 version but according to Steinberg you still need at least Artist license to run it

Doh! To the OP, looks like the Elements route isn’t going to work.

I’ll happily look at one of the songs to confirm it’s convertible. I know the route woks as I occasionally still dig out songs from last century, in fact just checking it still works I came across rather a nice riff that I’d forgotten about. :slight_smile:

Everybody, thank you again.

One of the weirdest things I’ve seen is that I actually need to buy a 20+ Euros e-licensing software to try a Cubase Pro DEMO. Also, the link to the software you kindly shared with me is for PC and I use Mac. In any case, the guy I produced these songs with is about 99.9% sure they were recorded in Cubase using a Mac in 2002 (the year I’m sure of). I also believe he was using Cubase because I know he wasn’t using Pro Tools, MOTU, etc.

I remember that one of these songs was actually a number one in for my country (Mexico). Remember that page? In any case, I want to release these songs (and a bunch others) via, probably, DistroKid, but also put some of them in some Music Sync Libraries because at least one of them would probably work in the tv or movie medium.

I’m returning to music production full-on after taking an almost-decade long break from actively pursuing it when I became a photographer. I was signed with Universal Music Publishing for 15 years as a songwriter and want to get back in the game. It may sound weird, but one of these songs that I’m referring to from 2002 could be my entrance back into the game. When I registered these songs almost two DECADES ago, I never thought I’d still be talking about them in 2020 LOL. I’m also need them for my PRO here in Mexico.

In any case, planarchist, how would you like me to share one of these songs to make sure they’re convertible?

Thanks again,


Heh, fascinating…I gave up serious music production for quite a long time due to work and family but bizarrely also made an income as a photographer for a few years too when i gave up the main day job.

If you can upload them to a file sharing site such as Dropbox or Googledrive and hen share the link I’ll have a look at them. Just make sure you include everything you think is for one of the songs. Cheers, Nic.

Sergio, maybe I also can be of any help.
I still have installed on my old PC, Cubase SX + VST2.4, two old running versions. I also used them a couple of times to do a re-mix on old projects.
Maybe I can open the file for you, as Planarchist already wrote, put them on a link somewhere.

Alright :slight_smile: Thank you both. I’ll upload them on Monday since I have a busy day tomorrow and then Sunday I have two photo shoots :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to publicly post their location might be best to send PMs to us.