Trying to replace Cubase LE with AI

Hi everyone.

I’m having an issue here. Some time ago bought a hardware unit which came with both a Cubase LE and a WaveLab LE license. Activated both in one of my Windows laptops (laptop 1). Now I bough another piece of hardware which came with a Cubase AI license.

Now, I want to do 2 things:

  1. Move the Cubase LE license to another computer (laptop 2);
  2. Install Cubase AI in laptop 1 (where Cubase LE was previously installed).

The problem is, I cannot do neither of them. The first because if I try to reactivate my license on laptop 2, Steinberg’s website wants to reactivate BOTH Cubase and WaveLab (but this last one I don’t want to move). The second because even uninstalling Cubase from laptop 1 and reinstalling it, it keeps running as Cubase LE, and I don’t find any place where I can change this.

Could someone help me, please? Thanks.

Running Windows 10, Cubase is 10.5.


I cannot answer the first part, but for the second part… Cubase LE/AI/Elements are the same program and only the license will determine which version will start. So if Cubase keeps starting as LE it’s because your AI license is not present. Did you add the AI license to eLCC?

Actually, after searching a bit more, I found a solution for both issues.
First, I reactivated all my licenses, which deprecated my Soft-eLicenser in laptop 1.
Then, used the eLC Installation Helper (found there: – this resetted my eLc installation and gave me a new eLc serial number, which I registered in My Steinberg.
Then, I activated the licenses I wanted in laptop 1, and the Cubase LE license in laptop 2!